Girl: You stinkin' sunnuffa!!!! You lied!

Leaf: Did I??? Am I that wicked to lie???

Girl: Yes you are!

Leaf: How wicked?

Girl: This wicked!

*Girl gives Leaf the finger!

Leaf: Oh no! it's the mighty finger!

*Leaf gives girl the ever famous "pitik-on-the-nose"

Girl: Wretched!!!!!! ^@*&#@!@#*

*Girl leaves #baduy

Leaf: Anakanamanů iniwan ako!

*Leaf leaves #baduy

October of 1998










Dr. Dogan Tao qt

Lt. Leaf Jimenez

Mr. Marlon Alindogan

Agent Aged63

Raymond Mendayo

Tina (the ever beloved candy-blue-colored guitar)



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