Issue #4, September 1998

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The Letter


Dear Doctor Dogan,


Hi, I really had no intention of writing to you but my friends kept on insisting that I do… so here it it. First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a 16 year old 'gal who is currently studying somewhere in Alabang.

I would like to ask for your wisdom in this some sort of dilemma that I have. I don't need it that bad… I just need it. Okay okay.. so.. here it goes…

It all started when I went to my classmate's b-day party about a month ago. There were lots 'o peeps. Most of them were guys and I had no problem looking for hunks.

So there they were, a house filled with gorgeous guys, yet… I didn't mingling with them. They were, what others call as "masa". For heaven's sake! They all had the same haircut! You know that??? The one in which the guy's hair is in a downward pattern but his bangs are neatly gelled upward…. Ummm… like Ace Ventura's hair…and also George Clooney's.


So, well, that's the point. In my eyes, they all sucked. Just when I thought that all I was going to meet were loosers, this guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere… and you know what? He had this 'do… a very nice 'do…


To prove my point, I took a picture of him during the party.


Hmmm… the shot is not that nice… but I swear… he still looks the same. Isn't he so damn cute???

So, Doctor Dogan, that's my problem… he's just so damn cute!!!!!! I can't take my mind off him!

It's not really his face which I'm head over heels for.. it's his HAIR!




ß --------------------------------THE PICTURE ------|||


It's just so freakin' attractive! Especially that color green something which he has on his hair! Oh my gulay!

So there, what should I do??? I really have no idea of what to do next. I don't even know if I'll still pursue the guy or not….





hmmm… here goes the solution to 'yer problem!!!

Payo ni Dr. Dogan




I !!!!!!!