To be quite honest with you people, I'm not really that good in writing stuffs like this and I fear that instead of being able to beautify the name of this living legend, I might just make a rather imperfect description of her.

Micci is a very, very sociable person. She is also soooooo popular that you would certainly have a hard time looking for any of her batch mates who doesn't know her. I'm not that sure, but it might be because of that lingering aura in her which charms any person she comes in contact with.

She is also a perfectionist who is always sure to try her best to do anything as perfect as possible. Although other people may doubt her, she never lets them pull her down and instead continues on to achieve her goal.

Yes, she is indeed a very loving person. Not only to her friends but to her family as well. 'Di ba Micci?

Her physical characteristics are sure to turn anyone on. She has these very cute chinky eyes and nice rosy cheeks which highlight the beautiful face that she has. Her body doesn't need lots of adjectives… all I can say is that she is sooooooooooo sexy!

-Dogan Tao




Hindi bola itong mga nakasulat dito. Nangyari lamang na sila ay mga matatamis na salita na nagpapahayag ng katotohanan.

Bakit ko sinulat 'to? Hmmm... siyempre… para pang-sipsip! Hehehehe…