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To ever dearest Monica 'gal... check out Jhapopoy's Pervertion Page! I'm sure you'd enjoy it! Hehehehe... peace tayo ha!

Heya guys! Bagong edit itong HP ko ha! as you can see... it already has some pictures! Also, check DDD or Dear Dr. Dogan and Jhapopoy's Pervertion Page ha! Just read on... there will be a hyperlink leading to it!

It is good to know that somebody has nothing better to do in his or her life but to visit this site. Well... summer has been pretty much of a cramp and my schedule has been pretty hectic nowadays... damn server kasi... amabgal... worldtel tae...

Yeniwey... just a preview of what's to come up in this site

These are not going to be in proper order when you would see it on the finished site because... hmm... because that's the way I want it to be.

Andrei... Ador Drei 007 di ba?

okey now... hehehe... hindi ako 'yan ha! 'Yan si ever-beloved Ador Drei 007! Hello Andrei!

1. The online branch of the club "FRIENDS OF ANIMALS". This would incude things such as news about the members... trips... parties...profiles... and ofcourse... how to be a member!

2. I haven't decided the titile yet but i would surely incude a "tsika" column. This is specially dedicated to the tsika hounds such as Leah and Monica. pfft! ... na mention ko pa...

3. The question and answer portion... well... I wouldn't make this a chat room because chatting would be better off in Mirc... ofcourse, this would be the questions which are most commonly asked by stupid common day people like ______ (hehehehe). Plus, this would incude the question of the week... and other stupid things such as that.

4. Pictures!!!! Tihihihihi... I don't know where I'm gonna get those pics from... I could not produce my own pics because I don't own a scanner... hmmm... Chok... pwedeng pa-scan....

5. Atsaka... what else pa ba? Ah! A "Dear Dr. Dogan" column.... this sounds pretty interesting... Heck! This shall be the main emphasis of my site!

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6. Uso Patrol. All the cool of all the new (?). Nah... this would just contain all the things you need to know when it comes to what's "in" nowadays ACCORDING to The Wonderful World Of Dogan.

7. Comment column. I'm still deciding if i'd include this stuff. I'm pretty much sure that a lot of people would write damn things in here.

8. Aha! The "love column"!!!! What are Dogan's predictions when it would come to love?

9. Atsaka... the best and the last... "Ladies' Choice" section!!! At last! You would be able to know more about your ever beloved musical group, the "Ladies' Choice". This would include the lyrics and some tablatures(napakahirap kasi talagang gumawa ng tab sa net noh!) of you favorite boy band's(?) latest releases. Songs such as "Parrot Tree" and "Hammered". ----pfft! I am so flattered!!!
10. Ayp! This one is a pretty new one... Jhapopoy's (sino kaya ito?) Pervertion Page!

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Dr. Dogan Tao