Jhapopoy Khalikot's Pervertion Page

Issue #2 May, 1998

The Rexona Squeeze Spray Exposition

Okay now… this is the actual meaning.. or shall we say… the meaning the makers of the commercial "intended" to give the audience. I actually got this from the polluted mind of it's director. So here it goes…


This is MIKKO

Mikko: Ana, pa "squeeze" naman. (you know what I want to "squeeze".)

Ana: I don't like. (what do you think of me? I ain't no whore my dear!)

This is ANA... sorry... hindi ko natanggal yung file name sa ilalim...

Mikko: Sige na… isang "squeeze" lang… (please… I really want to touch it…)

Ana: Don't be so presko! (Kapal ng mukha mo loko!)

Mikko: I want to be nga… so sige na… isang "squeeze" na lang… (please… I really want your… you know what…)

Ana: Sige na nga… (okay, I'd let you touch it na nga…)

SFX: Squish-squish! (oh no! They weren't refering to her bust after all!)


Okay now… you didn't know that they intended this… right? Well, sad to say, but it is true. The scriptwriter wasn't that great in sending the meaning because he is but a worthless pig-shit perverted scriptwriter. The worst thing of all, this is not the only commercial with a perverted subliminal message. During my last radio escapade, I have been able to scan about three more commercials with perverted meanings.

Well, tough luck na lang guys… I hope you won't get to be like them…


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