Jhapopoy Khalikot's Pervertion Page

Issue #2 May, 1998

The Rexona Squeeze Spray Exposition


Hiya there guys! Pfft! Pota… Has any damn' freakin' one of you ever heard of of the commercial, "Rexona Squeeze Spray" ? Well if you have, this is a short criticism of how damn perverted the people who made that commercial… and how damn stupid they think the innocent and non-perverted public are.

Here is a sample of the actual commercial:

This is MIKKO

Mikko: Ana, pa "squeeze" naman.

Ana: I don't like.

This is ANA... sorry... hindi ko natanggal yung file name sa ilalim...

Mikko: Sige na… isang "squeeze" lang…

Ana: Don't be so presko!

Mikko: I want to be presko… so sige na… isang "squeeze" na lang…

Ana: Sige na nga…

SFX: Squish-squish!