Issue #2, May 1998

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The Payo


Dear inlove,

Hiya girl! You're doing great! As I read your letter a while ago, I don't think that you have a problem at all! It is practically very normal for women like you to fall for fellow 'gals. There is REALLY no problem with it. Being a lesbian… a LESBIAN… not a TOMBOY (they have totally different meanings) is practically more of an advantage rather as a disadvantage. Mind you… if all of the women in the world are like you… this pitiful planet would be much nicer to live in. Hence, you should even influence more of your friends to be like you! If you would, The Doctor would be happy; Mr. Marlon would be happy, The Dogan Clan would be happy; I would be happy; you would be happy; The guy beside you would be happy; The other guy beside him would be happy; The damn politicians would be happy; Manila would be happy; The Philippines would be happy; The whole planet would be happy…


A lot of people easily mistake the meaning of Lesbian from Tomboy. So… here I am to share my little knowledge with you. Lesbian is what you'd call the top 20 most beautiful women in your batch. These women need not fully display any characteristics of being a lesbian only for the reason that other men/women (lesbian lovers) would lose interest in them (lesbians) as soon as they (lesbian lovers) discover it. As for the meaning of Tomboy, these are the girls who look like boys… pfft! They act like boys… They HATE boys… Hmmm… Kind of malabo noh? Well, if you need to know more info about them, please don't hesitate to page me through my ICQ.


Lesbians For Ever,

Dr. Dogan Tao qt





Dear inlove,

Hi! I fully understand your problem. I also used to feel that way before… oops!

Anyway, you should confront the girl you're dead in love with directly. Even though you're already friends, you should not take advantage of it! Do not make "tsansing" !!! Tell her how you feel and hopefully, she feels the same way for you too.


Ever Beautiful,