Dear Dr. Dogan
Issue#1, May, 1998
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4/21/98 10:03 PM t____y Dear Dr. Dogan,
Last november 27 1997, i broke up with my boyfriend. i was hurt really bad. that i promise to myself that i would never fall in love again or if so the next guy wont be that lucky as my ex. well not exactly well a month after someone courted me he'ss really nice but the thought of getting hurt again still stays in my mind so i turned him down. as if i didn't care at all. at the same time another guy courted me from my school i told him the truth 4/21/98 10:07 PM t____y about not having a bf. so there i didn't want to hurt him or anything coz his a close friend of mine. then another one from school there before he could even start i told him that i don't want to have a boy friend yet. then a month later this guy courted me i thought that maybe i should try this out maybe it would work out then i let him court but then after 6 days i told myself that i cant i don't wanna fall yet. so then i turned him down. 4/21/98 10:10 PM t____y i dunno why then a close friend of mine confessed to me what he feels about me . i don't know what to do i mean i treat like a brother nothing else than that. i told him that i want him for a brother not a boy friend. i don't know what happen he seldom call but i guess we are still friends as in close. but the guy who courted me before him wont stop. as in he often visits me and calls. well he's really nice but i don't know what to do. i want to 4/21/98 10:13 PM t____y get a boy friend but i can't seem to find the right one. i wanna get one who's a lot better than my ex. because when he see's me dating other guys he always has something to say about them. i don't know. i want to prove him that he is not the only guy in this world that i would find. i want to show him that i didn't lose anything that he has the lost not me. i don't know he is so arrogant. that's why sometimes i think that i beginning to become a 4/21/98 10:16 PM t____y man hater. well my exs knows that i have a phobia in having a boy friend thats why he laughs at me. because knows that i get so jelous or mad when he's with his gf making me feel like i'm a lose. i don't wanna wake up one morning and finding out that i became a man hater. scared to have a boy friend. i don't know what to do. it's jusst not fair. what should i do??????? please help!?!?!?!?!

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